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Why advertise on the GeographyTestOnline website?

  • This website is brand new, and we don't know what kind of traffic it may eventually generate, so we are starting with a low introductory advertising rate.  $20 puts your banner on our site for one full year, regardless of how popular we become!
  • You get excellent placement on clean pages.  Our pages have only one advertisement per page, at the top of the page.


Price Time period Number of impressions
$20 1 year at least 10% of all hits
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Rates are locked in when payment is made.
  • Advertisements must be paid in advance.
  • We will do free, 1:1 banner exchanges with selected sites.


  • All banners must be related to geography, New Hampshire, and/or liberty.
  • No excessively distracting or irritating banners.  (Reasonable animation is allowed.)
  • No banners in poor taste.
  • No links to sites promoting hate or any illegal activities.
  • No links to pornographic sites.
  • Our coursemaster must approve all banners and sites.
  • Banners should not exceed 468 x 60 pixels and 30kB.

How to get started

  1. Email a copy of your banner (or its URL) and the URL of the click target site to jc@geographytestonline.com.
  2. Once your ad has been approved, make a payment via PayPal to jc@geographytestonline.com.  (We also accept payments by check.)
  3. Once we have received your payment, we will get your ad running as quickly as possible!
For more information please contact jc@geographytestonline.com.

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