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What is the GeographyTestOnline website?

The long-term vision for the GeographyTestOnline™ website is a comprehensive course in world geography using computer-based adaptive learning.

The current website is a prototype which covers only the state of New Hampshire.

What makes the GeographyTestOnline website so special?

The GeographyTestOnline™ website does more than present dry information.  It interacts with you to make sure that you learn the key concepts.

Our special The Software that Knows You™ programming uses "intelligent repetition" to drill you on the important concepts over time until they become part of your permanent memory.

The GeographyTestOnline™ database tracks the progress of each student.  It remembers your personal data even if it's been weeks since your last study session.

How can I get it to ask question more (or less) often?

The User options screen includes a Repetition delay factor option that influences the program's question choosing algorithm.  Increase this factor to increase the time between question repetitions.  Decrease it to see questions sooner.  Regardless of this setting, the program still uses "intelligent repetition" and shows you questions with low scores sooner than questions with high scores.

Don't take "baby steps" when adjusting this parameter.  If it's asking questions too often, try a factor of 5.0 or 10.0.

What does the Show answer button do?

The Show answer button shows you the correct answer, along with all explanatory information available for that question. 

Read all of the explanations, and try to memorize the correct answer. Then, click on the correct answer to move on.  The program does not give you credit for a correct answer this time, but keep in mind that the important thing is to learn the material.  When the program repeats the question a few minutes later, you will know the answer!

What does the 50/50 button do?

Just as on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? the 50/50 button eliminates half of the wrong answers.  If you get the correct answer after pressing 50/50, you get partial credit for the question.

What are topics?

The questions are arranged in a hierarchy of topics.  The Choose topics screen allows you to enable specific topics.

Why should I create an account?

Create an account so our The Software that Knows You™ database can track your personal progress, and next time you visit, you pick up studying  where you left off.

Do I have to supply my name?

The View user list screen is similar to a Top Scores screen in a video game.  It lets you compare your progress against the progress of others.  You have to supply some name for display on this screen.  We encourage you to supply your full, real name.  However, some people enter only their first name, nickname, or initials. 

Why does it ask for my birthday?

We use the birthdays to calculate the age of each user.  It's fun to see people's ages next to their scores on the View user list screen. 

While we encourage you to enter your birthday, you are allowed to leave the field blank, which causes your age to display as 0.

How much does the GeographyTestOnline website cost?

The GeographyTestOnline™ website is currently free, but we reserve the right to charge for it in the future.

Can I share my username/password with others?

You should not share your account with anyone else, because your question history would become mixed with theirs, making the program ineffective for both of you.  The database would no longer correctly reflect which questions each of you had already learned.

When will you have courses for areas other than New Hampshire?

The long-term vision for the GeographyTestOnline™ website is a comprehensive course in world geography using computer-based adaptive learning.

We are currently looking for business partners who would like to use our terrific computer-based, adaptive learning technology to expand this website or to develop courses in other topic areas and share in the profits.

(While this course is currently free, some of our other sites charge for subscriptions.  See www.hamtestonline.com for an example.  Also, it is possible to make money from a free site through banner advertising.)

Contact jc@softwaremiracles.com to discuss.

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